Friday 23 October 2009

Who are the Dagenham Dungeon Devlers?

I regularly mention the Dagenham Dungeon Delvers and have even posted a few guest articles on this blog from them. But who are this motley crew really? Well actually they are a rather talented bunch (but don't tell them I said that)...

Peter Greenaway (aka. "The Evil GM") - Pete is one of the Old Contemptibles, having been part of the group from the start. He's a talented GM and and uncannily lucky player. Pete took on the job of running our first 4E D&D game and we haven't let him off the hook yet. From time to time I have posted guest articles from Pete as he has an uncanny ability to sit on the fence and argue with himself!

Rez Kempton
is an Actor by trade and has been on several TV programmes (most recently the Adha Cup on Channel 5 Channel Four) and movies. When in character Rez can be funny and unnerving in equal measure. An infectious laugh and a razor sharp wit make game nights a riot. Rez's latest film Stag Night of the Dead is in post production and is slated for release soon.

John Dorney is a recent(ish) addition to the group. An Actor and writer he also does a bit of Stand Up Comedy and has been an interviewer at several SciFi conventions. Possibly his most prolific work however has been in several BBC Radio Dr Who episodes. John is the official funny man of the group. His roleplaying characters are always hilarious particularly the Half Orc Fighter, Runk, who became a legend in his own time.

Dave Stokes is a very talented artist who always has a sketchpad to hand. Earlier in the year he published his first art book and he's been very busy since then. He is also a fellow and long time blogger where he displays his artwork. Dave is a big time World of Warcraft player and has also run a Dragonlance D&D campaign for our group in the past, although after the mauling we gave his adventure he may be reconsidering ever doing that again!

Derek Kettlety is the quiet one in the group. This may be because he often found with his head down frantically scribbling notes during every game. Derek is legendary for his in depth development of character backstories. Several of his D&D characters have literally come to life in the form of short stories and even (its rumored) an as yet unpublished book. While other players are maxing out their skills and feats Derek is often the only one considering his PC's motivation and inner feelings.

Andrew Ashenden is another Old Contemptable having been part of our group pretty much from the start. He's also yet another Actor and a qualified Fight Director. Fortunately we haven't needed his skills with a Rapier or Quarterstaff in real life, but its always interesting to play alongside someone for whom these weapons are not just abstract rules in a book. When Andy is playing the GM usually braces himself for the unexpected...meaning action, combat and chaos. Andy literally is the Eye of the Storm.

Peter Gentry is part of the original old school D&D group. Along with the other Peter & Andy we all started playing D&D when it still came in a red box with a Dragon on the front of it. Peter now lives in Ipswich but still attends the occasional game when he passes through the old hometown. The standing joke is that all Pete's characters are actually the same guy, but with a different name. This is a little harsh but very funny. One day when Pete couldn't make a game we put a life sized cardboard cutout wizard and sat it in a chair to stand in for him.

So there you have it. These are the Dagenham Dungeon Delvers... and tonight we venture into the Temple of Orcus to rescue some halfling slaves. Well, thats the plan anyway.

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