Sunday 18 October 2009

Adventure in the Crystal Palace

No it's not the latest installment of my D&D campaign. Today is the SELWG Show at the newly renovated Crystal Palace Sports Centre in South London. This show has been missing from the Calendar for two years because of the renovations (& the discovery of Asbestos on site) and its return is much anticipated. Doors open at 10am and this years event is promised to be the biggest SELWG ever with two extra halls booked for traders and the famed Bring & Buy.
The Entrance fee is £5 for over 16’s and under 65’s. As always I'll be taking my camera along and will post my pictures on this blog as soon as possible. If your in the area why stop by, I doubt you'll be disappointed.


  1. Hey Lee - hope it was fun!

    You should flag these events up earlier - you usually mention it on the day. As for myself, I'm in Devon, so nipping to Essex at the last minute isn't really much of an option, but there must be others a little nearer...

    I'm jealous of the bring-and-buy.

    - Chris.

  2. I was not able to attend and given the distance, I don't think it would have been on my events diary anyway.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your photo report.



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