Tuesday 2 July 2024

Tankfest 2024

Just came back from a weekend away with the family, centred around a trip to the Tank Museum at Bovington to attend Tankfest 2024. If you like your living history loud and exciting, this is one not to be missed! 


Sunday 30 June 2024

Creative Distractions: Blogger, Vlogger, Wargamer

Am I a blogger who wargames, or a Wargamer who blogs? I've touched on this subject before but decided to discuss it in more detail today (I've had a couple of questions about this). I am happy with the mix of gaming and content creation that is 'My Hobby', but I am aware that I could game more if I wasn't writing blog posts or scripts for YouTube. However, I think the benefits of the social interactions from blogging and vlogging far outweigh the impact on gaming time.

Sunday 23 June 2024

Dice have no Memory

Wargamers exhibit many superstitious and peculiar behaviours when it comes to their dice. We've all seen it (and probably done these ourselves) but the simple truth is that Dice have no memory.