Pyrrhic War (6mm)

A few years ago I had the rather crazy idea to paint a completely new army in 6mm to use in games using the To the Strongest rules. These could be used against my existing Republican Romans. I quickly decided I would paint them as part of the Analogue Painting Challenge and started planning what units I wanted and ordered nearly everything in one hit from Baccus 6mm. When it all arrived I knew I had a big job on my hands and started planning how I would tackle the job as part of the Challenge. I initially thought completing the army would take nearly the whole 13 weeks of the competition but as soon as I started painting I realised that my progress far exceeded my projections. 

In a little under 9 weeks the army has been completed and here it is in all its painful glory (those pikes are sharp!).

And unit by unit here they are...

Epirot and Macedonian Pike Phalanx

Greek Slingers

Greek and Sicilian Hoplites

Thessalian Heavy Cavalry

Tarantine Light Cavalry

Greek Heavy and Light Cavalry

Greek Bowmen and Indian Elephants

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