Sunday 30 June 2024

Creative Distractions: Blogger, Vlogger, Wargamer

Am I a blogger who wargames, or a Wargamer who blogs? I've touched on this subject before but decided to discuss it in more detail today (I've had a couple of questions about this). I am happy with the mix of gaming and content creation that is 'My Hobby', but I am aware that I could game more if I wasn't writing blog posts or scripts for YouTube. However, I think the benefits of the social interactions from blogging and vlogging far outweigh the impact on gaming time.

Sunday 23 June 2024

Dice have no Memory

Wargamers exhibit many superstitious and peculiar behaviours when it comes to their dice. We've all seen it (and probably done these ourselves) but the simple truth is that Dice have no memory.


Sunday 16 June 2024

The Medway Gaming Festival 2024

Today I have been to the Medway Gaming Festival with my daughter. She didn't just come because it was Father's Day, our fandoms overlap significantly in the ven-diagram of geekdom, so we both had a great day at the festival. Like me, she also has a YouTube Channel (TheNerdyGoth) so I challenged her to a 'Short-off'! We both shot videos during our day out and published a Short mini-video of the event today (both went public at 17:00 today). The winner is the video with the most views by 8pm tomorrow night. Let the battle commence! 

The festival includes a selection of Tabletop Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Cosplay, Computer Games (modern and retro) and can only be described as a celebration of geek culture. Here are a few pictures form the day.

The QRS Conundrum: The Pros and Cons of Quick Reference Sheets

What are the pros and cons of Quick Reference Sheets in wargame rules, and how does their inclusion impact gameplay and player engagement? And I ask, do you love them or hate them? And have you ever written your own QRS because you thought the ‘official’ version missed something?


Sunday 9 June 2024

Friday 7 June 2024

Broadside Wargames Show - Meet the Rejects

Posties Rejects are running a demo game at the Broadside Wargames Show in Gillingham this Saturday, 8th June 2024. We have been running games at this event for many years and this time it's Ray's turn to put in a game. We have had a couple of practice games recently and a very nice-looking game for visitors to see. I don't want to give away too much at this point, but Ray has put together a lovely-looking game which tells the story of what is often called the only successful slave revolt in history. Here's a sneak peak, but check out this post on Ray's Blog for more details. 

If you're in the Medway area next Saturday, or within driving distance, please pop along to this great little show and come and say hello. 

Sunday 2 June 2024

Epic Wargame Campaigns: Free yourself to play unsafe

Wargame Campaigns provide a framework for linked games on the tabletop and a fruitful opportunity to inject narrative elements into the story of the conflict you are exploring. Take a leaf from the roleplayers' skillset and play unsafe and unscripted for a more exciting experience for all involved.