Sunday 16 June 2024

The Medway Gaming Festival 2024

Today I have been to the Medway Gaming Festival with my daughter. She didn't just come because it was Father's Day, our fandoms overlap significantly in the ven-diagram of geekdom, so we both had a great day at the festival. Like me, she also has a YouTube Channel (TheNerdyGoth) so I challenged her to a 'Short-off'! We both shot videos during our day out and published a Short mini-video of the event today (both went public at 17:00 today). The winner is the video with the most views by 8pm tomorrow night. Let the battle commence! 

The festival includes a selection of Tabletop Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Cosplay, Computer Games (modern and retro) and can only be described as a celebration of geek culture. Here are a few pictures form the day.


  1. Emily's Short won... by less than 20 views, but still a win. Mind you, she makes Shorts all the time so my videos performance wasn't too shabby. Beaten by the Padawan yet again! 🤣

  2. Late to the party but her vid was better presented. But, except for some shots being the same you would think you were at different shows. I liked yours for wargames content.


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