Punic War (6mm)

This is my 6mm 2nd Punic War gallery page. The models are exclusively from Baccus, although as I add buildings and terrain the ranges may vary. To start I will be building a Republican Roman army and the opposing Carthaginian forces. The rules I will be using is To the Strongest by Simon Miller. 

Principies Legionaries


Roman Generals

Italian Light Cavalry

Equites Latini

Italian Allied Infantry

Baggage Carts


The Republican Roman Army

Punic Libyan Cavalry

Carthaginian Citizen Infantry

Carthaginian War Elephants

Carthaginian African Spearmen

Cisalpine Gauls

Cisalpine Gauls
Carthaginian Leaders
Numidian Light Cavalry
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Veteran Infantry

An early test game

The Waggon Train

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