Monday 21 December 2015

6mm Republican Roman Equites

I'm not taking part in the Analogue Painting Challenge this year and I'm half kicking myself for not putting my hat in the ring, especially as progress with my 6mm Punic War figures is going so well. I think I'll keep an 'unofficial' points tally of my painting progress during the period of the Challenge so I can kick myself when it ends! Anyway here's my next batch of completed bases for my Roman army. Two units of Equites Romani and one of Equite Extrodinari.


  1. These are just getting better and better. Have you got any opposition for them yet?

    1. Not yet. I bought the core of my Roman Army in one order and when they are done I'll start on the Carthaginian's.

  2. Loving what your doing with these Lee


  3. Great work mate.. can't believe how good they are at 6mm though.. can't see nothing at that scale myself.. :) Mine would all just be a single color and no flock most likely! Huge respect to those that can paint at this scale!

  4. Well my 6mm H+R order has arrived. No where near as colourful and exciting looking as yours though. I am starting 6mm FOW, inspired by yours.

    They look Fab. Good to see some cracking ancients. I think postie might need a bigger table though!

  5. Lovely work Lee. I still want to see a step by step series of pictures :)


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