Thursday 31 December 2015

6mm Roman Ballistari

I've been tinkering with some more 6mm Romans over Christmas but other than this I haven't got a lot done (The food coma made any effort impossible!). These miniatures are listed as Bolt Throwers by Baccus and represent my Balista units. The Republican Roman army list only allows 0-2 of these but I had enough models for four bases so that's what I painted. 

The ballista were a highly accurate weapon and had a maximum range was over 500 yards (460 m) so these will keep those pesky Carthaginian Elephants under control!

I'll start on some more infantry soon and I'll put together a step-by-step guide (as requested!) on my method for painting these.


  1. Nice work! :)

    Hmm, twice as many as the list allows? In that case you should buy and paint enough foot, cavalry and commanders for two Roman armies and have a civil war! ;)

  2. Your Romans are really looking great!Scipio himself would approve!


  3. I would like to second Tamsin's comment, you need at least 2 roman armies. (Optimates and Populares 87 BC or Ceaser and Pompey 49BC) Maybe slightly late for the armou, but at that scale you will get away with it I am sure.... Unless you play with the Evil Gnome (Postie)!

  4. This army gets better with each unit. Interested in the final result.

  5. I painted up the Greek versions last month. yours look better


  6. Tempting! Looking good Lee


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