North Africa (6mm)

The Project
This is my attempt to recreate the Desert War that ranged across Egypt, Libya and Tunisia during the early and mid part of the second world war. In particular I am focusing on the period around the middle of 1942 up to the Second Battle of El Alamein in October and November 1942. I am using the Flames of War rules with 6mm (1:285-1:300) scale models on large games tables to recreate the wide open warfare of the period.

An LRDG Raiding Unit (consisting of three Half Patrols and a HQ)

Closeup of LRDG Chevy Trucks

German Tiger I's  - The first models I bought before I settled on the mid 1942 date for the project. 
The core of an Italian Compagnia Carri (Tank) Company featuring the M14/41 tank

Lybiyan / Desert dwellings by Timecast
The core units of a British Infantry Tank Company featuring Matilda II and Valentine II Tanks
British Infantry
Italian Compagnia Carri (Tank) Company featuring the M14/41 Tank, Semovente 75/18 Self Ppropelled Guns and a platoon of AB41 Armoured Cars to act as recon vehicles
A British Heavy Tank Company featuring lend lease M3 Grant Tanks and M4 Shermans 
German 8-Rad Armoured Cars
Custom made Destroyed markers to show tanks that have 'Brewed Up'
German Panzer IV F1 and F2 Tanks
German Panzers - PzKfw III Ausf N
British AEC I Armoured Cars
British Crusader II Tanks - Showing the Base Labelling scheme I have adopted
British Infantry Tank Company and Heavy Tank Company
German Stuka's
British Desert Airforce Hurricanes
British Heavy (Vickers) Machine Gun Platoon
A British Rifle Platoon
British Matilda Mine Flails drive through a minefield
A German 88mm Pak36
Tanks kicking up loads of dust

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