Tuesday 28 December 2021

Christmas Presents: A Bumper Bookfest

This Wargamer had a bumper book delivery this Christmas and has already started making a dent in reading it.... aided and abetted by the worst chest cold I have had in years, which has meant the Holiday weekend was largely spent in bed.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Happy Christmas! : My Letter to Santa

With less than a week to go to Christmas, there will no doubt be some frantic last-minute shopping resulting in some strange gift choices. Why not write a letter to Santa to ensure you get something you want... it works for the kids so why not you?

Happy Christmas to all my readers and viewers. 

Tuesday 14 December 2021

AHPC Update One: Calm before the Storm

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge begins in a few days and I'm in the last stages of preparation for this amazing Festival of Painting. Over 100 participants from across the globe will be taking part over three months, each working towards their own personal target.

I'm hoping to do regular updates of my own progress through the Challenge, but I know the next few months are going to be very busy indeed. So while I want to do a weekly video, in all likelihood, it'll be a little more ad-hoc than that! 

Sunday 12 December 2021

Terrain Building - An amateur trying to improve

If you want to wargame you need terrain to fight over and that can be expensive. The cheaper alternative is to make your own, and in that respect, I count myself as an enthusiastic amateur at best. That being said I have collected quite a few terrain books over the years and this video discusses some of my favourites.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Unboxing: Desert Fort from Blotz

Today's video is an unboxing of a 15mm scale Laser Cut MDF modular desert fort from Blotz. The fully assembled model is shown off and my plans for painting it during the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge are discussed. I'm really impressed with this model, especially when the whole fort retails at just over £30. I do love a bargain!

I was so impressed with this that I bought some more pieces while I was at the Broadside Show last weekend. I picked up a couple of short wall sections, another long wall section, a broken wall section to represent a breach, and another 'sticky outie corner'. In addition, I picked up a Middle Eastern building which is actually a walled complex of four connected buildings. Not sure how I will use this...but I couldn't resist buying it! 

Keep an eye on the blog during the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge to see how all these items turn out once painted.

Monday 6 December 2021

Broadside Show 2021

Posties Rejects went to the Broadside Show on Saturday at its new venue in Gillingham. We had an excellent day and ran a long overdue Demo game - The Battle of Montenotte (12 April 1796). This was Napoleons first Battle as Commander in Chief, so quite early in his career. We had a lot of engagement from the public which was absolutely fantastic and kept us busy right up to the end of the day.

I also shot a few photos of the other games but we were so busy that I literally had to run around the hall in the last hour or so. 

Sunday 5 December 2021

Table Mates

The soon to commence Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge brings friends back to the painting table from nearly every corner of the globe. This got me thinking about the ability of our wonderful hobby to forge the most unlikely of friendships and bring people together.