Sunday 24 April 2022

Demo Game Box

Today's video is inspired by my recent call-to-arms and a flood of excellent subjects for future videos. Subscriber Mr__Blue asked, "What are the essential contents of the umpires demo box?" I've adapted this question sightly to look specifically at what you need to bring with you when running a Demo game, either at a club or a show. I've run several demo games at shows and am working on one right now for a show in June so I felt this was a subject I could speak with a little bit of authority on.

As usual, I ask readers/viewers for their views and experiences on this subject. So please leave your stories in the comments below or over on my channel Miniature Adventures

Sunday 17 April 2022

How many dice is too many?

Am I the only wargamer that buys new dice for every rule set I own? I already own THOUSANDS so what's a few hundred more?

Sunday 10 April 2022

Miniature Adventures Needs You!

A call-to-arms for all subscribers (new and old) to suggest video topics for the future. I'm always working on several subjects at once, and I have managed to make at least one video per week for the last two years, but it's time I asked for help coming up with subjects to chat about. So do you have a burning question you need to be answered? Are there any subjects you would like me to tackle? What shall we discuss next?

Ideally, the questions need to be answerable in a ten-minute video or at most split into a short series of linked subjects. 

Sunday 3 April 2022

Managing Wargame Admin: Paperwork or Tokens

I recently discussed that I prefer to keep in-game admin on the table, rather than use off-table paperwork. Most games have some form of 'admin' whether this is recording hits or keeping track of conditions and effects. There is probably no one correct answer but today I ask, how do you feel about the use of tokens or other on-table devices for tracking these items?