Sunday 19 December 2021

Happy Christmas! : My Letter to Santa

With less than a week to go to Christmas, there will no doubt be some frantic last-minute shopping resulting in some strange gift choices. Why not write a letter to Santa to ensure you get something you want... it works for the kids so why not you?

Happy Christmas to all my readers and viewers. 


  1. I never wrote lists until a couple of years ago. I took it as it comes and gave presents I had chosen with, I think, circumspection.
    But the strangest wargames gifts I have been given pre-listing is a Black Hat Miniatures Hun army in 15mm. I don't do 15mm! I did paint them and they look very nice. Better than my usual I think. But I've not yet used them and may never do.
    The second was the F&IW figures from a few years back. I never thought about doing F&IW until those figures were given to me. Now I've expanded them into small forces. And just ordered some more.

  2. I should say that lists are great as one gets older. It stops all those unwanted extras or duplication's etc. Though I got one surprize this year that was awesome.


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