Friday 9 October 2009

Army List Mania

I've been trying to make a final decision about what sort of Panzer Company I am painting up. I needed to settle on this before proceeding with any more vehicles (and before I finish the Panzer IV's I'm working on now) as this will determine the identification markings and vehicle numbers I use.

So the decision... a Panzer Kompanie from the Panzer Lehr Division. This division is featured in the Villers Bocage book but the Army List is in text rather than Graphic form. I rather like these graphic charts so I decided to make an organisational diagram based on the army list given in Villers Bocage. . It's still a work in progress but I'm aiming for something that looks similar to the ones produced by Battlefront. Here's a peak of what I have so far.
The next step is to compare it to other army lists (for example from the Cobra sourcebook) to try and settle on a standardised format.

Sharp eyed and regular readers of this blog may remember that I was initially working on the idea of painting up an SS Panzer Company. But my first attempt at painting SS Pea Dot camouflage convinced me I was utterly insane trying to do this when I have never painted 15mm before. I have a lot to learn about this 'new' scale before I start tackling such advanced paint schemes.

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  1. A good call. Everyone does SS; Panzer Lehr will be rather more unique!


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