Wednesday 7 October 2009

How to Achieve TPK

Games Masters. or Dungeon Masters as they were once known, are Evil creatures worthy of entry in the DMG - I should know, I've been one. The ultimate goal of any GM worth his salt is TPK (Total Party Kill for the uninitiated). Here are a few suggested ways to achieve this dream outcome... 1) Offer to make all the parties weapons magically enhanced... all you have to do is give the wizard all your weapons and step back (This has happened to me).
2) Insist that players wearing armour can't get a proper nights rest unless they take it off... then attack the party in the middle of the night.
3) Convince your players that Splitting the Party is a good idea.
4) Insist on using that newly acquired Red Dragon miniature you just bought even though the group is only 2nd level.
5) Enforce the Encumbrance rules mid combat and watch the party flounder under the weight of all their loot.
6) Present the players with an impossible challenge with lots of clues as to how deadly the trap is...and watch them call your bluff.
7) Ply your players with alcohol to reduce their critical thinking skills to zero.
8) Give the characters a challenge such as a Puzzle Lock but make the cost of failure terminal.
9) Let your players stumble upon the Beholder Annual Convention.
10) Create a One Way portal for your players to discover... that leads to a pre-cataclysm temple now submerged at the bottom of the ocean. (Dammit..I was so close!)
Food for thought (or is that Food for Worms?).

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