Thursday 8 October 2009

Last Words

Following on from yesterdays post How to Achieve TPK here's a selection of famous last words (both in character and as a player) from various campaigns I and my companions have fought and died in.
  • "I'll sneak past the sleeping Dragon using my high Move Silently skill."
  • "Sure, here are my weapons..... why are you looking at me like that?"
  • "I wish none of this had ever happened" (Words of the recipient of a Wish Spell after a long campaign - Not Technically Last words but too funny not to include)
  • "What do you mean its not Bloodied yet?"
  • "We'll sneak across the cavern and eavesdrop on the Orc guards" (Spoken by the clumsiest spy's in history)
  • "OK here goes, anything but a 1..."
  • "It's OK, the surface seems solid enou..."
  • "Geronimoooooooo.....!" (Shouted by a Half Orc Fighter as he leapt through an unmarked portal)
  • "Don't worry he's bluffing, the GM wouldn't put THAT against us..." (He did)
  • "I bet it's an illusion" (It wasn't)
  • "Come on then you overgrown lizard, do your worst" (It did)

Character death is an occupational hazard for roleplayers, but if handled right it can turn a mediocre character into a legend.


  1. Might be worth thinking up a choice line or two for tonights game - you're gonna need them!
    -The Evil GM


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