Monday 22 February 2010

Wargames Illustrated 269

I've received my copy of the March Issue of Wargames Illustrated, number 269. This months Theme is the English Civil War.

  • Prince Rupert : The Devil on Horseback - An article about Prince Rupert including a good painting guide.
  • The Skirmish at Powick Bridge - The first action of the English Civil War was little more than a minor encounter but is an interesting one to recreate on the games table.
  • The Battle of Edgehill - The first proper large-scale battle of the war, notorious for Prince Rupert’s devastating cavalry charge.
  • The Battle of Birmingham - Prince Rupert’s forces descend on the Parliamentarian stronghold of Birmingham. A tactical wargame using the 1644 ruleset.
  • The Battle of Marston Moor - The beginning of the end for Rupert’s command in the Royalist army. You will find all the background and a scenario for re-fighting this seminal ECW battle.
  • Point of the Spear - A FOW article about the Airborne commanders of the allied mission codenamed Market Garden.
  • 1588 and all That - In this series of three articles Tim Eagling explores the gaming opportunities offered by Elizabethan England.
  • Great Warrirors : The Landsknechts - A new, irregular series of articles begins with a look at the Landsknechts.
  • A Rearguard Action near Genappe 1815 - A scenario for one of the lesser known conflicts of the Hundred Days campaign; the Battle of Genappe.
  • Kaukopartiojoukot 1942-44 - A Flames Of War briefing for Finland’s long-range reconnaissance troops. A very interesting article on what is, for me, a little known corner of the war.
  • Sluys 1340 - A study of a medieval naval battle off the coast of France presented with some quick play rules.
  • Let it Snow - Jason Buyaki provides an excellent guide to painting and modelling snow and ice effects for the battlefield. I particularly like the ideas for creating a frozen river.

My first quick scan of this issue has whetted my appetite and it looks as good as ever. I've not gamed the ECW but the articles here look interesting and I think will appeal to a wide range of players.


  1. Great review. I like the new title banner BTW ...

  2. I might set up a subscription for this mag - looks like my cup of tea!


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