Saturday 6 February 2010

Bad Dad

My youngest daughter wanted to paint today so I set her up (complete with plastic bags as splash covers!) and gave her some old models to paint. She's only five so the standard of painting is more enthusiasm than skill but I'm hoping she'll learn a few skills - like cleaning her brush and mixing colours - which will develop as she gets older. I took a few pictures for her school scrapbook and got a little close to her as I clicked away. "DAD!" she moaned "your jogging the table!! You always say "don't jog the table""...

She'd definitely going to be a model painter when she gets older.


  1. Careful she doesn't go the route my 10-yr old daughter has. I love the kid to death, but she has started to dip into my hobby supplies -paint, flock, glue, etc - without asking. I think it's great that she is into the hobby, but I still require some courtesy and respect for people's property.

  2. My eldest started collecting LOTR models from GW. Once he'd assembled hordes of Rohirrim, orks, golblins, heroes, etc. he got bored (!?!) and moved on to Xbox.

    My only hope now is the youngest, who has a definite artistic bent (but currently directed at making stop-photography movies of his Star Wars figures on the digital camera).


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