Tuesday 16 February 2010

Bleak Midwinter

My kids are on their Half Term holiday this week, and I've taken a few days off with them and my wife. But this has to be the coldest, bleakest, most depressing time of the year to have a holiday. We've only been doing day-trips but when the temperature is hovering around Zero and the sky is steely grey and windswept it's hard to be enthusiastic. However, being Brits, we've managed to get a trip to the seaside in (I know, insane..) and several family visits. If I haven't developed Pneumonia by the end of the week then I'm doing something wrong!

All this is by way of a feeble excuse for not doing any painting this week. By the time we get home of an evening I'm shivering too much to paint anything with precision. I'm a little over half way through painting a Panther A so I should have that done in a week or so (I'm a dreadfully slow painter - far too many distractions). Needless to say I'll post pictures when I finish. In the meantime I need to find my sunglasses and swimming costume... were off to the beach again this afternoon.

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  1. I understand your pain ..... I sneak hobby time in when the spouse and child are sleeping or not home. I feel like a hobby addict !


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