Friday 5 February 2010

Halfling Barbarian Hut

I've finished another project and this is one that has been sitting in the sidelines for some time. I bought this resin model a couple of years ago at Salute with a very specific use in mind. Now that I'm writing the next part of my D&D Campaign game it's time I completed projects like this.
I can't give away too many details just in case my friends actually read my Blog (I live in hope).

The model is a single resin cast but was quite porous and soaked up two coats of primer before I could start painting. I then used a light brown wash to bring out the detail and help me identify what needed close detail. As always I used Vallejo Game Colour paints and gloss varnish before applying a layer of Testors Dullcote to finish.


  1. Halfling barbarians? What a fun idea.

  2. Yes ..... that would be a great game to participate in

  3. Can I ask who made it?


  4. I can't recall who I bought it from. It came in a box and was one of two (the other has been requisitioned by my daughter for her game). The resin wasn't as good as some I've used - lots of bubbles and very porous.


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