Saturday 20 February 2010

Putting Brush to Metal

I'm planning on getting some serious painting done this weekend. I've been lingering on a single project for too long and I need to get it finished. I also have a couple more ideas in the pipeline that need to be started. I'm a painfully slow painter at the best of times but the last week or so has been slow going.

I've nearly finished the Panther A from the Panzer Kanonen boxed set. I have a few last details to paint then I have to add the insignia decals and then I can varnish. I'm pushing the boat out with this model and going for the best paint job I can do, just to see what I can achieve in 15mm. The previous FoW vehicles I painted were a more basic (read: practical) paint job. It'll be interesting to hold the two styles up next to each other so see if the difference is significantly noticeable on the game table.

Right, that's it from me today. I'm putting the computer away until Monday to avoid distractions from painting - although the usual Sunday Big Picture will be posted tomorrow.

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