Saturday 27 March 2010

Withdrawl Symptoms

My gaming group didn't have our regular D&D game last night. Our GM flaked-out on us to go to some silly black tie event ("Priorities man! PRIORITIES!") so the game was cancelled.

Now I have a twitchy dice finger and I'm feeling all on edge. Maybe its the new dice. As reported after the last game my old set lost their mojo. They disgraced themselves with an evening of unprecedented poor rolls and the d20 payed with its life after the game. The New set of dice have been shown what remains of the old d20 in order to motivate them.

So today I have no game notes to type up, no character to update, no pictures to process... Wow... a free Saturday. I'd better get some painting done before someone finds me a job to do.


  1. Yes ..... free time to paint is always awesome ! And yes the "Honey to do list" can multiply faster than gremlins in water ....

  2. I've actually spent several hours trimming, glueing and building... if the weather is dry tomorrow I'll get it all spray primed and THEN I can get some painting done.

  3. Lee, you made a laugh today, on a day when there isn't must to laugh about. "The new dice have been shown the remains of the old D20"...... beautiful ! :)



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