Wednesday 24 March 2010

Tilbury Fort

I went to Tilbury Fort over the weekend and took a few pictures with my new Camera. I've been here quite a few times because I'm an English Heritage member and this is local to me. The fort has a small but interesting museum containing some WWI & WWII memorabilia, uniforms and cap badges. On sunny days its nice to sit up on the walls of the fort overlooking the river and have a picnic. Unfortunately it was a bit overcast with a chilly wind when we went, but It was still nice to get a little fresh air and take some pictures.

Within the next week or so I'll add more photo's of the Fort from previous visits. If you're in the area the site is worth a visit, and theirs a nice little pub down the road that serves hot food if you get chilly.

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  1. Hey,

    If you've not been to the chain of 'Palmerstons' Follies' forts just to the north of Portsmouth I can really recommend them. Not only are they awesomely imposing brick masses from the seaward side; they're also invisible from the landward side!


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