Monday 22 March 2010

Breakfast Game

I like to start the day with a game... I just didn't expect it would be Dominoes!

My 5 year old daughter is starting to get to grips with maths at school and part of this early learning is taking every opportunity to play with numbers and number games. The idea is that by making number play fun they will learn better. Fine by me, I remember how boring maths was at school.

Her game of choice this morning was Dominoes... and she was good at it. Too good in fact. I'm not a sore looser normally but 4-0 is just humiliating. Maybe I'm missing some secret dynamic of the game or maybe I'm just over analysing. Or maybe its just that my gaming heritage means that I just can't understand any game that doesn't include dice and hit rolls!


  1. Getting in some hidden maths practice is great. Just had my wee lad's Parent/Teacher meeting last week at it was commented on how good his mental arithmatic was. I'd like to think all those games rolling dice with (and without) Daddy have helped.

    Good work.

  2. My two lads take me on with a game of dice (3 each) during dinner. First to 5 wins.

    Might help your daughters' maths skills.


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