Sunday 29 November 2009

The Plans of Mice and Men

I've not been very active on the painting/modeling front recently. Family life (and death) have been occupying most of my free time for the last few months. Most evenings have consisted of a round of phone calls and other chores and frankly by the time I'm finished, I'm finished, if you know what I mean. The final straw came when I sat down and made an accurate tally of the models I have painted so far this year. Here it is:

28mm Fantasy/Foot - 9
28mm Fantasy/Mounted - 1
28mm Fantasy/Creature - 1
28mm Fantasy/Terrain - 1

28mm Call of Cthulhu - 1
28mm Warhammer 40k - 1

15mm WWII/Infantry - 0
15mm WWII/Vehicles - 13
15mm WWII/Terrain - 8

That's a grand total of 35 models in a year. Pathetic! So this week I was determined to get back on track and do some painting.... I got as far as undercoating some models before the plan fell apart. Sigh.

Here's a link to my painted mini gallery, most of which date from this year. I'm making an early new years resolution to significantly add to this gallery over the next 13 months. After all the original reason for starting this blog was to encourage me to paint more. If I am to achieve that goal I need to pull my finger out and get busy.

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  1. It haven't been able to get myself going on the painting front this year either. It seems that by the time I get a little free time I'm so tired that I just goof off on the internet or something instead of making progress on my little armies.


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