Thursday 12 November 2009

Greedy Eyes

D&D Miniatures have become a central part of our game nights. Our current GM has been buying lots through EBay and recently decided to take the plunge and become a seller himself. The aim is to raise a little cash with his spare models to fund further purchases of specific miniatures for future games. Unfortunately he ran into a little 'local trouble'....

I was sorting through my "For Sale" models yesterday, and made the mistake of leaving the box where my son could see it.
Son - "Wow, are these the models you're selling, can I have a look?"
Evil GM - "Sure, but be careful with them"
Son - "Oh, I like this one (a Beholder Lich), that's really nice" (looks at me plaintively
Evil GM - “Yes, that is nice, but I'm selling it” - I'll get at least £5 for that.
Son - "Wow, this ones nice, I really like this one" (looks at me with big innocent eyes)
Evil GM - "Yes, that's a pit fiend, very rare" I will probably get between ten and twenty pounds for that
Son - “Ah, this one is fantastic, I'd really love this one”
Evil GM - “Yes, but they are all for sale son”…that's a Salamander Firetail, I'll probably get around £5 for that

At this point my son wanders off and I breath a sigh of relief. Then he comes back having counted £5 out of his money box "Can I buy that one dad..."

So now I feel really really mean! Obviously I refused to take his money, and try to steer his attention to something else. It's not that I don't want him to have nice models, it's just that at his age they are just stuff to play with, and the rarity and perceived value is irrelevant. He'd be just as happy with two 50p Troglodytes or Giant Centipedes.

I know I was being sensible not letting him waste his money, and if I am running this as any kind of a business I can't give my most valuable stock away just because he thinks it's a nice shiny thing... So why do I feel like such a heel?

I can foresee the day coming when he buys his own models and comes home one day to show me the Aspect of Orcus he's just found. And when he refuses to sell or swap I know that flapping sound I hear will be the chickens coming home to roost.

If your interested in seeing what the Evil GM is selling on EBay check out this link.

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  1. Being a dad is tough ... my kids are younger probably than your son (4 kids 5 and under) but I know what your saying. My oldest will watch me painting minis ... asking questions ... and then when she goes to pick them up I have to watch her like a hawk so she doesn't break them. When any of the children go for a mini ... I most of the time have to admonish them. I worry that I'm going to give them an aversion to my absolute favorite passtime ... sigh ... being a gamer dad can be tough :(


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