Wednesday 25 November 2009

Gibberish in the Workplace

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in a meeting at work with one of our long established clients. I was primarily there to advise on issues relating to billing and to take the minutes. The problem is my attention kept on wandering and I started making notes on proceedings as if I was making notes during a game. My handwriting is appalling at the best of times but during a game it gets worse, compounded by the abbreviations and symbols I use as my own personal shorthand. The end result looks like it was written by a very drunk spider writing in Russian or something.

Now I'm back at my desk and I have to interpret this gibberish. But unlike after a game (which I enjoy and remember vividly) I'm finding it hard to recall all the details. It would probably have helped if the meeting had involved a combat encounter or a skill challenge but the biggest challenge I faced was staying awake. I suspect the customer might not have been impressed if I'd pulled out my dice bag and got everyone to roll for initiative. Certainly the use of a +3 Vorpal Sword might have energised the meeting but I doubt if it would have won us any additional contracts.

So here I sit trying to write a Customer Contact Review. My notes are unintelligible, my memory clouded and try as I might I can't shake the temptation to record the XP and date of the next game at the bottom of my report.

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