Saturday 7 November 2009

I've been a good boy, honest

Have you made a Christmas List yet? And more importantly, have you been Naughty or Nice? We've been getting Christmas adverts on TV for over a month already (the first I saw was at the end of September!) but as far as I am concerned, Christmas starts after November the 5th. So with the Gunpowder Plot celebrations over, I have started to put together my Wish List for this year.

I thought it might be a bit difficult to put together a list this year because I have bought quite a lot over the last few months. But no gamer ever has enough scenery, or enough books, or enough miniatures. I laugh at such a suggestion! And as I am breaking into a new scale (15mm) and a new game (Flames of War) its been an expensive few months getting equipped. So what do I want need? Scenery features high on my list. Most of the stuff I already own is for 28mm/D&D so I'm starting from scratch with 15mm scenery. I've picked up a few buildings and hills during the summer but I like the look of the Battlefield in a Box (Rivers) set by Battlefront. I like the idea of it being already painted and ready to use - I have enough projects backing up as it is. I'm also in need of some pre-painted buildings but I've yet to find a reasonably priced source for these.

I also have several books on my list, including the new Transitions Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. I'm holding out for a boxed set but I'm not sure if it will be available this side of Christmas. Keeping with books I also want to pick up a copy of Tank Men by Robert Kershaw. I've seen it on sale for a while now and it's time I got a copy.

I'm still trying to decide what miniatures I want but the Wish List is always an year round work-in-progress! So, whats on your Christmas List?

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  1. Indeed you can never have enough miniatures, but we need more research into the problem having more minis than you can paint. More arms? Painting slaves? Do they sell those?


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