Thursday 5 November 2009

10 Portents of Doom

List ten 'signs' the world is about to end or something really bad is about to happen.

  1. An eclipse of the sun - This is a classic sign of chaotic upheaval from ancient times.
  2. Unusual plagues - Never fun at the best of times but a series of plagues means someone has it in for you.
  3. Unseasonal migrations of epic scale - Like the birds fleeing New York in The Day After Tomorrow
  4. Rain of frogs/animals - This type of event has been recorded several times and the origin still remains a mystery.
  5. Blood Moon - This can be a natural phenomenon (sand blown into the upper atmosphere) but to the ancient mind it was a reason to cower in your hovel and start praying.
  6. Comet in the Sky - Another astronomical sign that this is going to be a really bad day.
  7. Swarms of Insects – The odd spider in the house is fine but turn this into ten thousand spiders (or beetles, or get the picture) and you have a real infestation problem.
  8. Dogs behaving strangely of barking at unseen threat– Animals can often sense danger before we can. Handy if you live in an earthquake zone.
  9. Dead fish wash up in harbour - Great Cthulhu will need a snack when he wades ashore
  10. Milk Sours - So nobody can relax with a cup of tea when everything goes to pot.
You also need someone to doom say, an old crone for instance... "It’s a bad omen I tell ya…The signs are not good…” just in case the players haven't picked up on the signs (or weren't listening, again!).

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