Thursday 19 July 2012

End of Term Report

Its time for another one of my naval gazing posts explaining why I haven't picked up a brush in weeks. Sigh. I'm within a gnats whisker of finishing my Panzergrenadier Company but I have lost the momentum I built up earlier in the year. The last platoon has been under-coated and they have been sitting on my desk for weeks, looking at me accusingly whenever I pass within range. 

Part of the problem is that I have been incredibly busy in work over the last month - we won a new contract and this increased my workload by 25% overnight - and by the time I get home all I want to do is eat and then fall asleep in front of the TV like the old codger I am. Of course that's not the whole story because I have been working on other projects as well. One of these is the Gladiatorial rules I mentioned last week. These are still at the first draft stage and I'm hoping to give them a first play-test sometime next week. 

Another time eater has been reading. I have a huge pile of unread books and every time I go out or visit a museum (something regular readers will know I do a lot) I end up buying another book for my collection. A few months ago I realised that I probably had enough books to keep me occupied for at least a year! So I have made a conscious effort to work through some of my unread books. Of course when these are all read I'll just go out and buy a load more, but its better than watching TV. 

Back at the beginning of May I made a list of projects that I wanted to work on and I thought now would be a good time to review my progress. At the time I thought that writing a list could be a bad thing, but it actually encouraged me to complete a lot more than I thought I would. So here's hoping this bit of Headology (as Pratchett would call it) works again!

Paint US Airborne MG Platoon (15mm FOW) - Complete (100%)
Paint US Airborne Mortar Platoon (15mm FOW) - Complete (100%)
Re-basing older FOW Figures - Complete (100%)
Labelling older FOW Figures - Partially complete (50%)
German Panzergrenadier HQ (15mm FOW) - Complete (100%)
German Panzergrenadier Platoon (15mm FOW) - Undercoated only (10%)
Bromhead Figure (28mm) - Still in its bag! (0%)
Bocage (15mm) - I haven't even bought the materials yet (0%)
Fieldworks Buildings - Complete twice over because they got broken! (100%)
Folding Games Table - Yeh, a bit of a pipe dream. One day, honest! (0%)
Play more games!! - Sort of.... but not as much as I would like (50%)

New Stuff (aka Prevarication Projects)
Gladiator Rules - Still on the 1st Draft and not even at the playtesting stage (20%)
Ral Partha Giant - A long outstanding project that suddenly grabbed my attention (100%)
MDF Buildings - Complete but I'm definitely going to buy some more. (100%)

In the UK the school Summer Term in nearly over and across the country children are getting their end of term reports. If this were my school report it would probably read "6/10 - Must try harder!"


  1. Still it's an impressive list to have so much green on. Now you need to do a new list and see if it drives you on further.


  2. Don't beat yourself up. We all have highs and lows, peeks and troughs.

    Must try Harder.... we can all say that about ourselves (well the honest ones among us can).

    I know some wargamers who paint 1 figure every 6 months. (That's true by the way!) You are not like that at all.

    When the time is right you'll get momentum back again. All the best Clint

  3. On the plus side I'm about to have a week off work, starting tomorrow. I have a very busy weekend lined up but I expect to have at least one day next week when I might have time to relax and get some painting done.

  4. All of that since May? Well done!

  5. Many, many things done... congrats!

  6. Well that's not a bad end of term report, I definitely failed on the get more games in, although we had a sneaky mid week game yesterday afternoon, he he!

  7. Dear Lee
    A new contract is good news in these trying times

  8. That's a good report in my opinion. I find that writing these lists really does help get stuff done. I may just have to write a new list for myself to remind what projects I have ahead of myself.


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