Sunday 8 July 2012

Big Picture : Valentine Mk III Infantry Tank

Valentine Mk III Infantry Tank - Imperial War Museum Duxford

Designer : Vickers Armstrong 1938
Produced : 1940–44
Weight : 16-17 tonnes
Crew  : 3 (Commander, gunner, driver & Loader)
Armour : 8-65 mm
Main armament: 2 Pounder Gun (40mm) 
Engine : A190 diesel 131–210 hp 
Speed : 15 miles per hour (24 km/h)
Valentine Mk III seen at the War & Peace Show in 2010
Valentine Mk III at The Tank Museum Bovington


  1. Replies
    1. Urrrgh, I just see so many shell traps, it's just asking to be taken out.


  2. Egads, I don't think I could fit through the hatch, let alone crew that thing. Tiny tank...took guts to be a tanker.

  3. Riveted as opposed to welded, not a good feature to have on a tank. Respect to crew who were lumbered with those...

  4. You just have to love these tanks with such a name!

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing!


  5. Terrible tanks but great pictures.


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