Thursday 26 July 2012

War & Peace 2012 : Falklands 30

The Falklands War took place 30 years ago this year so there was a special display of hardware and equipment from this conflict. There were also some special guests including Simon Weston who spoke to the arena about his experiences. His speech was short but very interesting and humble. We had the honor to meet him later in the veterans marquee and I have to say he was a genuinely nice chap. 

Falklands veteran Simon Weston at War & Peace 2012
FV107 Scimitar
Reenactor at the Falklands Display
L118 Light Gun
L16A1 81mm Mortar
Land Rover 101 Forward Control Vehicle

Rapier Missile System
BigLee in the Falklands Display area
This was a very interesting display and was dedicated to all the soldiers - on both sides - who lost their lives in the war.


  1. Nice and interesting pics, must have been moving to hear a veteran speaking in this context.

    1. Yes it was. Simon was very forthright in his view that the Islanders right to self determination was worth fighting for. Despite everything he has suffered personally he is still quite convinced the war to liberate the Islands was a just one, but he also recognizes the pointlessness of the whole conflict. So many men on both sides lost their lives simply because the military Junta in Argentina at that time decided they could take by force that which they couldn't acquire with diplomacy.

  2. Hi,
    Very nice pictures. I'm working on a Falkland wargaming project right now.
    Do not hesitate to post more pictures if you have some... Thanks.
    Kind regards,

  3. The Falkland war is incredible how it achieved absolutely nothing but the demise of the Junta along the killing/maiming of a few thousands young lads.

    RIP to the fallen, condoleances to the families, thoughts to all those who had their families broken

  4. Thanks for posting Big Lee.

  5. Great stuff, Lee - as a former mortar man love the pics of the 81mm and old 'one- tonnee' a great vehicle, sadly missed ;)

  6. When I was a little boy growing up in Detroit, Michigan we could get the Canadian CBC television station. I remember watching the news about the ships going down. Their Prince ready to fly off in his Harrier jet.
    These early memories were the first time I was introduced to a British army supported by a strong navy. Guards, Paras, that was 30 years ago. Thanks for sharing Lee

    1. The Prince flew a helicopter not a Harrier.

  7. Very interesting, Lee. Thanks for posting this.

  8. Good stuff Lee, thanks for posting.


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