Wednesday 4 July 2012

Happy 4th July

Wishing all of my American readers a very Happy 4th of July!
I'm not a Reagan/Republican fan myself but then I'm a Brit and maybe I just don't 'get' his appeal. But what the hell! It has a machine gun wielding US president riding a dinosaur, which makes this picture disturbing and fricking awesome in equal measure !!! 


  1. Ditto! But the overall image is a good one and I suspect how Reagan saw himself. Perhaps he also needs to be bitch slapping Lenin and Stalin in the next frame of the mural.

  2. To understand the appeal of Reagan just remember the times; a nation losing it's way. Vietnam, Nixon, the hostage situation with Iran and then the failure of the rescue mission. Internationally the USA seemed a paper tiger and a joke. Then came Reagan, who brought back national pride and showed that America wouldn't just stand by while attacked. He talked to the American people from the heart, not what was good for his career. If only we had some more like him now, of either party.

  3. Lee - you've discovered the real reason why Reagan won the cold war!

    Unfortunately, this depiction of Reagan triumphant ride is historically inaccurate

    (1) Reagan's preferred the M-60 light machine gun rather than that puny sub-machine gun (just like his patriotic side-kick, Rambo!)

    (2) Reagan's antitank weapon of choice was an American made LAWS rocket - he wouldn't be seen dead with a commie RPG strapped to his back.

    Other than that, the picture captures a magical moment in American history


  4. Just goes to show that anything can be cool with the proper application of velociraptor.

    -and there are at least a few of us Americans who also don't get the appeal of Reagan. I didn't like him in the 80's and still wouldn't.
    What is odd is how he's now a conservative icon, but looking at how conservative the Republican party is now, if Reagan was a current politician they wouldn't like him now- he's now too liberal for them.
    By their standards now, I'd actually wish for Reagan back.
    Which is more bizarre than the picture above ;)

  5. Thank you... from an American living in Canada who celebrates all the holiday he can get.

  6. I'm a Reagen fan and that's fucking awesome!

    Go get 'em Ronny,

  7. yeah one dinosaur riding another... i wonder who is older?


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