Thursday 12 July 2012

Dread Pirate

I'm always on the lookout for simple board games that I can play with the kids. I want something that is challenging but not overly complex so that my youngest daughter (aged 7) can enjoy but still provides enough tactics and strategy for the adult participants (that would be me) to appreciate. We played the Lord of the Rings Risk a couple of weeks ago and that was pitched just right although the game itself as a bit long and would probably be even longer if we had had more players.

So I'm looking out for other games that can be pulled out occasionally for a family game night. This board game looks like a good example. I first saw it featured at the Dragonmeet show in 2006 where it was pitched as a Family Game for ages 8+.

Dread Pirate game at Dragonmeet 2006

Designed by Steve Edmiston and first published by Front Porch Classics in 2003 it was designed as a 2-4 player game. Although designated for ages 8+ the mechanics are simple enough for younger ages to grasp. The Signature Edition shown here comes packaged in a wooden treasure chest and includes all the components shown in this picture. The Bookshelf Edition is largely the same but instead comes packaged in a wooden bookshelf box (whatever that means?).

Do BLMA readers have any other suggestions for a good 'family game' that I could buy?


  1. My favorite "family game" of the moment: Takenoko. Here's a review from the Dice tower:

    It's super cute theme, components are excellent, easy to play but lots lots of clever things in it, just brilliant. It's an 8+, 2-4 players.

  2. Have you tried 'Ice Flow' or 'The Three Musketeers: The Queen's Pendants'?

    'Guillotine' might work. It's a nice game and kids are bloodthirsty.

  3. Someone has to Suggest "Settlers of Catan" Might as well be me! "I have an excess of timber but I need livestock! I can do Wood for sheep!"

    Sorry could not resist!

  4. I've found that Carcassonne is a pretty good family board game - it's simple enough that my seven year old daughter can play (and play well), but it will also keep adults happy.

  5. That pirate games looks ace!

    Second Settlers of Catania and carcassonne. Classic euro games for all the family.

    For something fun but with a bit more deviousness and conflict, check out Bang! Brilliant fun card-based game.

  6. Hhmmm? Looks an interesting game. Can't help out on any ideas I'm afraid.

  7. Try Snow Tails

  8. I have the edition that you have pictured in your post. It's a great game and looks great both in use and stored on the shelf. The rules are easy to learn but there is enough diversity to allow for tactics.

  9. Family games are great fun to play, and help the kids and other family members have a quality time together. I am always on the lookout for any activity that helps my family to get together-- thanks for mentioning this game-- will definitely check it out. Other ideas for family get together can be costume themed parties, you can get the best costumes at

  10. We often play Citadels (my 6 year old daughter loves to pick the thief and try and steal everyones money!) a card game where you build you own city to win.


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