Thursday 3 May 2012

Mental Projects

I have a list of projects in my head that I need to get on with in the short and near term. Some of these have already been started, some probably won't come to pass and others may well get put way off into the future. So I have decided to put my "Mental Projects" list down on paper (or pixels) as a way of encouraging myself to try harder!

  • US Airborne MG Platoon (15mm FOW) - I have one squad of these with a HQ section (kindly donated by the Angry Lurker some time ago). These must be 'old' Battlefront models as the bases included are the old 'smooth surface' style and and there is no variation between the figures for the four MG Teams. Also there are only enough figures for one squad of four teams plus a HQ and a Bazooka team. These still make a platoon according to the army list but a small one. I have already started painting these but I'm only about half way through.
  • US Airborne Mortar Platoon (15mm FOW) - I bought these at Salute. They were on my shopping list and I nearly never found them. This blister pack was in a 'bargain bin' on the very last stall I visited at the show. In fact money changed hands ten minutes after the show had official closed! There are enough figures in this pack for a HQ team, four 81mm Mortar teams and two Bazooka teams so this platoon can pack a big punch!
  • Re-basing older FOW Figures - By rebasing I don't men I'll be ripping these off their current bases but rather I need to do a little extra work on the base decoration for these figures. My basing style has developed a bit over the last two years and when I pull out my earlier FOW figures and put them next to current ones its hard to ignore the rather boring bases. So my old Panzergrenadier Platoon will be getting a makeover in the form of some grass 'tufts' and debris.
  • Labelling older FOW Figures - I recently decided to label my FOW infantry stands and tested the concept out on my US Airborne Company. I liked the results so now I need to pull out all my earlier infantry stands and label these as well. It will take a while but the results will be worth it.
  • German Panzergrenadier HQ and Platoon (15mm FOW) - I already have a Panzergrenadier platoon painted for my Panzer Lehr army but I have decided to turn these into a Panzergrenadier Company by adding a HQ and another Platoon. This will be a bug project, especially with all those half-tracks!
  • Bromhead Figure (28mm) - Another purchase at Salute was the Bromhead figure from Black Scorpion Miniatures. I bought this purely because I loved the sculpt of Lt. Gonville Bromhead and because I love the Film ZULU! My plan is to paint this purely for fun with it being destined for display only. It's been a while since I last painted 28mm figures so this will be my chance to see if I can still remember how to do it!
  • Bocage (15mm) - I desperately need to make more Bocage hedgerow for my 15mm wargames terrain. I made about 2 meters of it some time ago and I need lots more. I'm still collecting the raw materials I need and when I have it all - and have worked up the courage - I'll make another 4 meters. Its a big project but it really needs to be done as it was wargaming in the Bocage that initially drew me to collecting FOW for the Normandy campaign.
  • Fieldworks Buildings - Another Salute purchase. These are pre-painted and I could use them in their current condition but I feel like they need a little 'tarting up'. The bases could do with a little bit of static grass and I'd like to apply a dark wash to the walls and roof on both models. This will make them a little less bright and make them fit in a bit better with my existing 15mm buildings.
  • Folding Games Table - You're probably thinking "Hang on, did I read right!". I have been thinking about making a games table for a long time. Actually I'm not planning on making a Table (nowhere to store it) but rather a table surface I can put on top of a dining table. My vague plan is for a folding surface which opens out to 6x4' with a grassed surface on one side and some sort of rubberised grip on the other (so it doesn't slide off the table it'll be placed on). If I can build it to fold down to 3x4 that will make it much easier to store and transport. The problem is I'm rubbish at any form of DIY or handicraft unless is comes on a miniature scale! I can easily see this project being put off for a long time.
  • Play more games!! - Well it goes without saying that I need to play with my FOW armies at some point. I'm meeting my Brother-in-Law at the weekend and I plan on scheduling a couple of small games in the near future. My preference would be for a game in a peaceful and quiet environment for a change (previous games have been set to a background of noisy chaos) which may mean we need to bribe the women-folk with a shopping trip!

I almost wish I hadn't written this down now that I look at the amount of work I have to do! It'll be fun though.


  1. It's a good list for you as you have time constrai nts where as myself and Ray with the benefits of our work we could knock this list out in a month or so but we'll be reminding you of your mental list and projects mate!

  2. At the start I thought what a good idea I might even do the same type of post, by about halfway through I wasn't sure and by the end I had come to the conclusion I'd just be very very upset at the list of things 'to do' and nothing reaching the 'done' list. This would be a long list. Should I risk it?


  3. Not a bad list, seems to be almost FoW FoW rinse and repeat. I guess the bug has got you 100%. If not for ASL I think I would go down that route


    1. Well FOW is what I'm collecting although I play other games with the Rejects... but I'm constantly being tempted by other systems and scales. If I were truly let of the leash (no cash/time/space constraints) I'd be into dozens of periods inside of a week!

  4. Good list. I've made these in the past and never finished them. The thing is, though, when I go back and look at the old lists and the same things pop up again and again, I know that I should finish it, or it is being put off because it's something I'm afraid to do. In the second case, I tackle it immediately to expand my hobby skills.

    In my rambling way, what I'm trying to say, is that even if you don't complete your list, it is a useful, and fun, tool in the long run.

    Plus it gives us something to beat you over the head with when you need a little taking down.

    1. Don't worry, I'll beat myself with it first!

  5. Its a big list???? Never ever, ever, ever write a list. Good luck Lee!!!!!!

  6. Great list! D show your table building process - I'd love to do something similar!

  7. Good luck Big Lee. You're certainly ambitious.


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