Tuesday 8 May 2012

Distressed Destroyed Rebuilt!

Before they were broken - Pre painted by Fieldworks
As I reported on Saturday I discovered to my horror that one of the buildings I bought at Salute had been smashed to bits. It was my own fault for not immediately putting it into protective storage when I got home but it was a sobering moment non the less. Anyway I took a leaf out of Steve Austin's notebook: I had the technology, I could rebuild them...

To be precise I had a large tube of Epoxy Glue and more patience than I thought I possessed. So I sat down and pieced the shattered resin back together using Superglue and then used the Epoxy resin to strengthen the joins. It wasn't pretty but the rebuilt model is stronger (and faster?) than before.

The repaired models now needed a quick repaint but nothing too drastic. Most of the exterior received a couple of washes of watered down Devlan Mud (50/50 with distilled water) to darken the overall effect. The Tiled roofs were also washed but slightly darker. I they they look much better as a result. The intrior of the building was given a thin coat of Ivory as this matched the original paint scheme. The interior floors had been strengthened with a thick layer of Epoxy glue covered with Tallus to look like rubble. This was given several dark coats of undiluted Devlan Mud and a light dry-brushing with Vallejo Terracotta. The whole model was given the usual coating in Satin Varnish followed by Dullcoat to seal the paint. Static grass and a few tufts were then added as finishing touches.

After the repair and repaint

I have learned my lesson from this little episode and I will package similar items promptly in future. Once I'd photographed the repaired buildings I immediately dug out a small box just the right size for both models to fit inside enclosed in Bubble Wrap. This was then stored in the large plastic boxes with my other terrain so short of an earthquake or the house being hit by a meteorite I think they are safe now!


  1. Looking good - glad you've managed to salvage these!

  2. You've made a grand job repairing these!! I can't see any joins or glue showing???

  3. You've done really well there mate, damn good patience!

  4. Good repair work Big Lee. Can't even see the damage.

  5. As the other guys have said, great job you can't see the joins and now you have models which have been personalised as well. I actualy like the interior rubble effect more, it looks more natural than the bare floor. How about having some plant life growing up out of one of the buildings as well?

  6. That's a nice model... and like the others I can't see any damage, repaired or otherwise..

    Isn't it a shame that we spend all this time working on the buildings, terrain, vehicles and figures... and then pack them away in cardboard boxes out of sight! :o)

    1. I'm determined to get some games in soon, and the buildings will get an outing at some point. Guess a proper games room with display cabinets for my collection will have to wait till I win the Lottery!

  7. Very good work on repairing it.. can't see where it was broken in the photos..

  8. Every one else has already said it but I can't see the join either. I shall have a chat at BROADSIDE, when I meet the other Rejects.

    I don't think our club is as much "rejects" as "miss-shapes!"

  9. Final result looks good. Not sure if I could be as patient as you and rebuild them.

  10. I like the end result, you must have had a light hand on the re-paint. Whilst I can seea difference (and better for it) it does not hit you in the face. Good job.



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