Friday 12 June 2009

WooHoo! The post has arrived.

My Flames of War rulebook has just arrived and I'm all excited, like a kid before christmas. Unfortunately I've got to wait till I finish work before I can read it. Dagnabbit!
...maybe I can fake illness... [Cough..]


  1. Nice. If it's not too much to ask, will you post some reactions to it, please? It's often caught my eye and - though I'm broke enough at the moment - I'm thinking of the rules at least.

    Great minis, mate!

  2. I'll write a review at some point, but I'm a slow rules reader. I'm the sort of person that learns by doing or watching rather than reading. So I'm looking for a participation game at a convention to sink my teeth into.

    I have to say though that at first glance the rules seem simple and easy to understand and the rulebooks are clearly laid out.


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