Tuesday 16 June 2009

Finished Space Marine

I've finished the Ultramarine miniature I have been working on. Last week I posted some development pictures and here is the finished product.
As always I used Vallejo Game Colour paints and started with my customary Black undercoat. I then used a slightly darkened Ultramarine Blue (#22) as a base coat highlighting with successive coats of Ultramarine Blue lightened with Electric Blue (#23). I then used a wash of Night Blue (#19) and Black to add shading to those areas not in direct sunlight. I finished off the armour with a dilute (10:1) Skin Wash (#72093) on the lower legs to give the impression of dirt and weathering. I also used the Skin Wash, this time undiluted, to create a rusting around the bolts in the manhole cover.

I decided not to put unit markings or decals on this model for two reasons. First I wanted this to be a generic marine and second (and most importantly) because I'm no good at painting decals! Overall I found this model very easy to paint and good fun as well.


  1. Nice job, i like the thing with no decals, makes him look more like a soldier than a decoration item wielding a gun...

  2. Nice work, I really like the plain look to the Marine. I also love the base and the pose of the model. Top Notch job there!


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