Wednesday 10 June 2009

Unusual Tools - The Mini Claw

Over the years I have picked up quite a variety of unusual tools, many of which get put in my toolbox and never see the light of day again. This tool was one such purchase, but one that has found regular use on my painting table. Designed for the electronics industry this mini claw is classified as a 'precision instrument' and can be used in a similar way to tweezers. Depressing the plunger extends and opens the sprung 'claw' and releasing the plunger closes the claw around the target object.
Some versions of this tool have just three 'claws' but this four claw version has more stability and gives a stronger grip. I have even used this tool for holding small models (or models with smaller bases) and have found it particularly useful when painting 15mm models.
The main benefit of this tool over tweezers is that once gripped an item won't 'ping' out of the grip, across the room and under the piano. I picked this particular tool up for about £2.00 from Mr Models.

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