Friday 26 June 2009

Discovering the Panzerkampfwagen

I've not done any painting or gaming this week, primarily because I have been reading extensively on the subject of the Normandy Panzer regiments. I recently bought the Flames of War rules and plan on putting together a German Panzer regiment for the Late war period. I've never played a historical wargame (outside of a participation game at a convention) before and so I'm approaching this period with some caution before I start spending lots of money. I need to buy the right paints for a start and part of what I have been doing this week is making a short list of colours needed to get started.
I'll be attending the Rampage show this weekend and hope to pick up everything I need then. I'm looking forward to getting some paint on the few models I already have and needless to say I'll post pictures of my progress here on the blog. As I have never painter 15mm or historical vehicles before this will be a bit of a learning curve for me.

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