Friday 5 June 2009

Flames of War Miniatures

I just subscribed to Wargames Illustrated and took advantage of their membership deal to get my hands on some Flames of War miniatures. I'm giving serious consideration to buying into this game and have been using conventiones like Salute and the recent SELWG event at Firepower to make my mind up. I picked up the M10 3" GMC Tank Destroyer Platoon as my introductory set. Like many gamers I go all googlie eyed at the most basic miniature but I have to say I am impressed with the contents of this box. Two M10 3" Tanks; two Jeeps w/.50 Caliber AA MG.; One M20 Utility; 1 Command Carbine Team; 1 Carbine Team. The tank bodies are made of resin but all of the other parts are white metal (the tracks are plastic). There is a lot of 'flash' on the metal parts but nothing that can't be cleaned up easily. I'll paint these when I finish my current projects. In fact I'm using them as an incentive to get these other jobs finished.

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