Tuesday 4 October 2011

Re-basing some old classics

I recently mentioned that I was having a sort through my 'stuff' with a view to thinning the ranks of unused models and scenery and making some space (and money) for yet more 'stuff'. Well I've sorted out a load of models, buildings and model cases for sale and I'm already planning what to spend the money on. In the process I found several old models that I thought I had got rid of years ago. 

Once upon a time I owned a huge and fully painted Undead Warhammer army. Most of the army was passed on to friends when I changed to other games but it seems two models survived the cull. Both are standard bearers and I assume I kept them because they were painted to a higher standard (no pun intended) than the rest of the army. Considering I painted them probably 20 years ago I'm rather pleased with the way they look and have decided to revitalise them and put them back on display. 

Although I'm happy with the general quality of the painting both models need a bit of work. Firstly they are gloss varnished which is not how I finish off figures now. I assume I did this back then to make them more hard wearing but if I intend on putting these on display I need to give then a liberal coating of Testors Dullcoat. Next the bases are rather plain with just a green painted base rather than static grass and other 'dressing'. Everything I paint now gets a decent base so I'll have to bring these to up to standard before the models go on show. 

I'll post some pictures in a day or two when they are finished. 


  1. It's great to rediscover figures that have been forgotten.

  2. Nearly finished, I just need to photograph them. I was going to do that this morning but ran out of time before leaving for work.... Apparently I'm the only person in our house who knows how to use an alarm clock and that makes it my job to get everyone up and out on time! Time to invest in an Air-Horn it think.


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