Tuesday 1 March 2011

Cavalier Loot

In yesterdays post about the Cavalier show in Tonbridge is mentioned I forgot to mention my purchases. I spent a little over £100, mostly on unpainted terrain items. I also picked up two books and a small model case for my D&D character models.
  • 15mm WWII Normandy Stucco House (JR Miniatures)
  • 15mm Hexagonal Pillbox (TSS)
  • 15mm  Dragons Teeth Tank Traps 2x2 Packs (TSS)
  • 15mm Barn (Chiltern Miniatures)
  • Pond/Lake 20x15cm Unpainted Resin (TSS)
  • FoW Mixed Bases (Battlefront)
  • Book - D-Day Fortifications in Normandy (Osprey)
  • Book - Panther vs Sherman (Osprey)
  • 2 x Hills - Pre painted & flocked
  • 1 x Swamp - Pre painted & flocked 

I was particuarly happy with the two Osprey books at a very reasonable £5 each. All in all not a bad haul for a small trade show. I bought a couple of pre painted items but mostly unpainted resin terrain for 15mm wargaming. I've already started work on the Resin barn by Chiltern Miniatures and this should keep me busy for a little while!


  1. I to bought a couple of Ospreys in that £5 each deal.

  2. £5 for an Osprey is a bargin, nice one!

  3. When you look at the list you sort of go ....How much! but its the hobby we do and we seem to never mind.

  4. The painted/flocked hills were expensive but essential. The Stucco House was one of my more expensive purchases at about £13 but it is a very nice resin model. In fact I'm kicking myself for not picking up a second building from that range. Still, there's always another show on the horizon and I still have some money left in my "gaming stash".


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