Monday 28 February 2011

Cavalier 2011

Yesterday I went to the Cavalier wargames show in Tonbridge. This was the first time I've attended this show but I'll definitely go again. I was warned by several people to expect bad lighting conditions but it seems the Angel Centre has had an upgrade as the lighting was pretty good. I didn't shoot as many pictures as normal, mainly because I was struggling with both a camera bag and an overloaded Loot bag.

Anyway, here are my pictures from the event.

The show seemed to be well attended with plenty of money changing hands. I was there from when it opened to about lunch time and it remained busy throughout that time. The Bring and Buy in particular was three deep on most of the occasions I visited the room it was in.


  1. Very nice photo's Lee, it was a great day out!!

  2. When I got home I unloaded all my 'Loot' and was suprised by how much I had actually bought. More than enough to keep me busy for several weeks of painting (and then some). Mind you, I was done-in by the time I got home. A long day, but good fun.

  3. Good day had by all but no sympathy for the poor afflicted GM.

  4. Dear Big Lee.
    I took a hundred quid and no credit card. :)
    I also took my camera but forgot to put a memory chip in. :)

  5. Nice photos Big Lee and glad you enjoyed the show.

    It's always great to have a reminder like these blogs :)


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