Friday 18 February 2011

Wargames Illustrated 281

One of the best things about being a subscriber to a magazine is receiving it before the issue is released in stores. I always enjoy that feeling of 'privelaged access'. Of course I'm no more privileged than thousands of other subscribers but it's a nice fantasy to indulge!

The Theme of this months issue makes a break with the 'period' themes of the past year or more and instead focuses on artillery through the ages. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this theme but having now had a chance to sit down and read through this issue I have to say I have changed my mind.
  • Artillery Through the Ages: An Introduction - As the name suggests this article sets out the theme for this months WI and provides an overview of this important branch of the military.
  • Wood, Sinew and Metal - A look at early artillery and in particular the torsion-powered weapons of the Roman Army
  • The Brave at Mokra - Battlefront have just released a set of Polish Armoured Trains for Flames of War and this article looks at their use in the early days of WWII.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Powder - Jim Graham writes about the advent of Gunpowder artillery in the Middle Ages.
  • Britain's First Special Forces - A follow up article to last months Theme on the Mahdist Uprising in Sudan. This article discusses the innovative use of the Camel Corps in this conflict.
  • Towards Tactical Mobility - A scholarly article by Dr Stephen Summerfield on the development of Horse Artillery during the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Cavalry against Panzer's - Following on from the earlier article about Polish Armoured Trains this Battle Report looks at how the Smialy (translated as The Brave) played it's part in giving the Germans a bloody nose at the Battle of Mokra.
  • Bridge to the Future - The American Civil War saw weapons and tactics - especially the use of artillery - move from a firmly Napoleonic style to a more 'modern' setting, strangely prescient of the First World War.
  • How to run a Wargames Campaign: Pt 1 - Rick Priestley writes the first of a series of articles on running wargames campaigns.
  • Imperial Long Shots - This article is set between the American Civil War and the Battlefields of WWI with the conflict between France and Prussia in 1870.
  • Painting The Brave - A guide to painting Battlefronts new Armoured Train model.
  • Norman Knights - Continuing the Great Warriors series this article looks at the Norman Knights.
  • How to...Explosions - Someone at Battlefront has clearly been listening to the Forum boards on their website because the subject of 'how to make explosion markers' has come up time and again.
  • Project Hougoumont - An interesting article by Richard Holmes bringing the story of Project Hougoumont up to date.
All in all a pretty good issue with plenty to whet the appetite and excite the imagination.

I thought I would post some statistics about this issue like I did for WI 280. All percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Issue 281 is 124 Pages, of which 32 contain some Battlefront and/or FOW content (26%).
This issue contains 26 pages of Advertising of which 5 are for BF/FOW (19%).
Articles account for 92 Pages of which 26 are dedicated to BF/FOW games (28%).


  1. Thanks for the heads up but will probably still end up buying it.:D

  2. I don't think I've ever bought a copy, but based on that run-down this issue at least looks very attractive, and more universal than I'd expect.

  3. I really need to get a subscription.


  4. Same here - I should get a subscription. Must pop to WH Smiths on the morrow...

  5. Looks like another good issue. The Rick Priestly article will be interesting.

  6. I'll buy it, as usual, but the contents list looks a bit heavy on "history" as opposed to "wargaming" (and the latter seems largely gearwed towards FoW's new releases). Still, presumably there are lots of pretty pictures as well.


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