Monday 14 February 2011

We're underground?!

The Evil GM drinks to Victory
The Dagenham Dungeon Delvers finally got together for the first D&D game of the year on Friday. Yes, I know, It's February and we've only just managed to fit in a game! Of course the reason for our tardiness is blatantly clear, we are all old farts with busy lives that keep getting in the way. I've touched on this subject many times and I'm sure plenty of BLMA readers will recognise the same dilemma in their own lives.

Of course its harder to get a large(ish) group together on a regular basis for a campaign game than it would be for one off sessions. So maybe D&D is a game that gets harder to play as the years roll by than say a wargame that consists of separate and indeterminately spaced wargame days.

We kicked off this game session by reviewing our campaign journal for the game so far. Its been over 8 weeks since we last played and even the GM is having trouble remembering what the hell our characters are doing. Once refreshed both mentally and physically (in the form of Kebab and Alcohol) we launched straight into the action. The action being a broadside of jokes at the Evil GM's expense. Never let it be said we are not brave..or foolhardy.

First of a trio of Grik
This game continues our adventures in the Sunless Citadels, the underground domain of the last of the mammalian races (yes, we're underground). Our Characters are currently exploring strange tunnels that were once part of a massive Dwarven mushroom farm. The area was abandoned generations ago and strange rumors and horrible stories are all that have come out of the region since then. The stories were so bad that the nearest Dwarf city of Pral-Thek closed the doors that opened onto the road we are now following. So we are venturing where stalwart Dwarves fear to tread - which either says a lot about our courage or our intelligence, depending on your perspective.

Tentacles galore make combat interesting
Most of this game was taken up with a battle between us and a trio of Grick that we encountered in one of the Mushroom chambers. In keeping with the 'strange alliances' concept of 4th Edition encounters the Grik were joined by two Destrachen which proceeded to blast us with sonic attacks throughout the combat.

We won the fight of course, but not until we had managed to receive a good mauling as usual. The star of the battle though has to be the Mage. Mindaris always distances himself from the rough and tumble of Melee - a sensible policy for a magic user. But on this occasion his isolation only served to make him stand out to the enemy. Not that he was in any real danger but he was most annoyed when he took damage for the first time in ages. His retribution was swift and involved a large explosion.

It was good to see the group together after such a long break and we've already scheduled the next couple of games in as well. Hopefully now that we have started the ball rolling again we can keep up the momentum for the rest of the year. I doubt it, but I live in hope.


  1. Good to hear your group got together and had a good game but kebabs and must be one of those rich groups...last time at posties we got monkey meat and pickle with a cup of tea.
    How the other half games.LOL

  2. Some of the group got alcohol... but as the 'designated driver' I got a soft drink instead. It's probably for the best. I get sleepy when I drink and it would be bad form to start snoring during the GM's lovingly prepared monologue.

  3. We daren't mix Wargames and alcohol at our little group of nutters, or we'll be carted off to the local police station. Beer + Wargames = Several black eyes and a "Bound to keep the peace", court order!!


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