Sunday 6 February 2011

Big Picture : 25 pdr Gun in Action

The 25 Pounder (or 25-pdr) was probably the best field gun of the British Army and saw service from just before WWII right into the 1980's. There are quite a few examples used for reenactment firing exercises and this one was photographed at the Royal Gunpowder Mills in 2007.

Back in May 2009 I posted a video of a battery of 25-pdrs in action at at the Military Odyssey show in Kent (also in 2007).


  1. Cracking photo. I used to have 10 sets of this gun with the quads etc (airfix) when I was a nipper...
    I always thought the "turningplate " had to be put down when it was fired due to balance (or such like)

  2. This along with the german 88 were the best artillery pieces of the second world war.


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