Monday 21 February 2011

Impatience is NOT a Virtue

I need something to paint and I need it soon. I'm not a fast painter by any standard and regular readers will know how long it normally takes me to complete a project. However I finished two Flames of War platoons off in quick succession in January and now I want to crack on and start another. But for the first time in ages I actually have nothing to work on... and its driving me crazy.

Actually that last statement isn't strictly true. I do have unpainted models available (Of course!) just not for FOW. I really ought to get myself motivated and paint up some of the other stuff in my model box but I'm lacking enthusiasm for anything other than my current muse. I have several half painted 28mm figures for roleplaying, but as none of these are needed for the current game I don't feel under pressure to complete them. Similarly I have a number of scenery items unpainted but the same excuse applies. And this lack of focus is making me have wild ideas and driving me towards mad impulsiveness.

I'm planning on going to the Cavalier show at Tunbridge Wells at the end of the week and I ought to save my money to spend with the traders there. But the Imp of Boredom sitting on my shoulder is whispering "I wonder what's available on eBay" in my ear and I'm finding it hard to ignore. Of course if I make a purchase now the likelihood is I won't receive my goods until after the show, making my impatience pointless, but even so.

I must be strong. I have to resist the temptation that Internet shopping makes all so easy to indulge. I have to think of the big picture, and remember my growing shopping list of items I need to get at the show. There are some purchases that just can't happen online until you have physically handles the items in question. I have several bits of terrain I want to get, but need to see before I buy. Of course this is one of the great advantages of of shows like Cavalier, bringing together a wide variety of traders to make the best stocked FLGS you could possibly imagine. Now all I have to do is resist temptation and hold on for a few more days.


  1. Try making some terrain for FOW then as I'm sure there is plenty to do there, ;-)


  2. You need to be strong, the bad lighting and traders at Cavalier await, see you Sunday at Cavalier my friend.

  3. How about....finishing off the basing on all any FoW figures (I know I always have things to do on the bases), or touching up the varnish on any figures, or FoW terrain from scratch, or sorting through the surplus lead mountain for the bring-and-buy. Or, how about just watching Band of Brothers/ The Pacific just one more time :)

  4. How about reading period-related material and start designing one (or more) scenario(s) for your plattons? You'll keep your mind busy but will feel good doing something really worthy.


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