Tuesday 15 February 2011

DJK's Fantasy World

Long time friend - and fellow member of the Dagenham Dungeon Delvers - Derek (aka DJK) has started his own blog, DJK's Fantasy World. Regular readers may recognise his work from some excellent pictures of his scratch built models which I posted here a few months ago. All the materials used were recycled and the finished results looked really excellent. In fact it proved to be a very popular post and resulted in several new followers joining BLMA. On the back of this success (and some gentle persuasion from me) Derek has finally decided to join the Blogoverse himself.

There's only one post at the moment but it's a pretty good one to start with and there are plenty more to come. I've been given a sneak peek at some of the projects he has in the pipeline and know that his blog will appeal to anyone interested in modeling and terrain building.

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  1. Will go give him a slap up the side of his follower link. Good stuff, I got Ray into the blogoverse (and a job) and he still won't thank me.LOL


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