Tuesday 26 January 2010

Road Trip

I've been discussing with my Brother-in-Law about going to Tankfest at Bovington Tank Museum this June. I missed it last year for various reasons and I decided to try to attend this year. I wouldn't be much of a Treadhead if I didn't go at least once in my lifetime. So over the last few days the two of us have been busy plotting, planing and scheming.

Most of this early planning has involved searching for suitable accommodation for the Saturday night. There are hundreds of options in the 'local' area, mainly because its a popular holiday spot near to the Dorset coast and the New Forest. I've also been trying to keep the costs down (I'm not made of money you know) but you'd be surprised how hard its been finding somewhere suitable. I've narrowed it down to a couple of places and eventually settled on a local Inn only five minutes from Bovington.

Keeping an eye on costs I even looked into the possibility of getting a train to Wool, the nearest station. But I discounted that idea when I realised the journey would take an hour longer than driving (plus transfers at each end) and would cost about three times what it would in petrol for the car. So much for letting the 'train take the strain'.

Its still early days yet but both of us have booked time off work to accommodate the trip and (more importantly) cleared it with our 'significant others'! So baring some unforeseen disaster, were on our way to Dorset in June! WooHoo!!

Here's a film I found on YouTube from last years Tankfest... needless to say I'll be uploading lots of video myself after this years show.

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